Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Homemade Beef Patties

Holidays are almost upon us in South Africa.  Time to practise some easy, homemade Beef patties, that would prove a hit with your kids.  Take a look at this recipe, kindly shared on by Raeesa Abdool Carim, one that has already been tried and tested by a few other group members as well.  A must try.

Homemade Beef Patties by Raeesa Abdool Carim

1 kg beef mince
Season with salt, 

dried parsley, 
italian herbs and 
peri peri spice. 
Add ginger garlic, ground green chillies, dhania (Coriander) and 1 egg. 

Mix and form into patties and keep in fridge. 
Remove from fridge about 30 mins before cooking. 
Add a little oil to frying pan and fry on meduim heat.

*Note*, Adjust spice amounts according to requirements