Sunday, June 12, 2016

Horse Shoe Pastry (aka Pixies)

We have some amazing lovelies on our Watalotwegot group on Facebook. And one such sweet lady is Bibi Ayesha.  Whilst she  runs her home deftly, she takes pride in her kitchen.  We have been blessed by her sharing her culinary skills with us and most times Bibi Ayesha would share with us her 'Step by Step' pictures of a recipe she has been making for ages.

Being a bit of a sweet tooth myself, this one caught my attention, and I love these baked pastries. Shukran for sharing this with us Bibi Ayesha💕.
I have compiled, some of the images shared, into a collage but the Instructions are as received by Bibi Ayesha👌.  It seems rather easy to follow and I do hope we have lots of you rushing to give this one a try. We look forward to all your feedback.👍

Horse Shoe Pastry
(Bibi Ayesha Kadwa - Watalotwegot)

Pixies..or Horse Shoe Pastry
sweet and simple..
~ roll out pastry..thick
~ dab on water..sprinkle castor sugar properly..fold as per picture (1 + 2)..
~ dab on water..sprinkle castor sugar again..fold as per picture (3).
~ keep in freezer to chill.
~ slice and Dip only one side in castor sugar picture (4).
~ place that side up and open out ears. picture (5)
~ preheat oven 180 degrees Celsius and bake...
~when pink remove tray and immediately remove onto rack to cool.
~ leave in oven to crisp😀..enjoy..

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