Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Exotic Aloo Fry

Another wonderful share by dear Umme Abdullah, adding a bit of a twist to a regular Indian dish.  now for those not in the know, "Aloo" is an Indian term used for Potatoes.

This is a simple, vegetarian dish, and we hope you do give it a try, and  Do remember to give us feedback once you have tried.

Exotic Aloo Fry
Red peppers
Green peppers
Green masala
Sliced garlic
Slit green chillies
Sesame seeds,mustard seeds,curry leaves
1.Slice veggies in seperate dishes n spice ea as u would for aloo fry (i add salt,red chillies,tumeric n dhania jeero)
1. Heat sum oil in a fryin pan n add sliced potatoes.Fry as you would aloo fry.
2. Empty into an oven proof dish
3. Now do the same with brinjals and layer over potatoes.
4. Then red n green peppers and this will go over brinjals.
5. Seperately,add some green masala to a small tub of plain yoghurt.
6. Drizzle the yoghurt over the
7. In a small frying pan,heat some oil and add the following:
Sliced garlic (2-3 cloves)
Slit green chillies (3-4 whole)
Curry leaves 
Mustard seeds,jeera,sesame seeds.(1 tsp each)
Fry until light brown in colour.
Sprinkle over the yoghurt.
Can be made in advance.
When ready to serve,either place in oven on 180 deg for approx 10 minutes.Make sure to cover with foil..Do not leave too long in oven as yoghurt could curdle.To be safe heat in microwave.
Garnish with chopped dhania and serve.