Monday, July 27, 2015

Steak with Butternut and Onion Rings

Fiona Haniff had us all salivating at this dish,  an easy to prepare meal full of Goodness. Thank You for sharing with us Fiona💕

Steak /butternut/onion rings (Shared by Fiona Haniff) 

500g tenderised frying steak. 
Aminas steak and chops spice. 
Worcester sauce. 
1 butternut. 
Onions cut into rings. 

Marinate steak in amina spice and add a lil ginger/garlic paste. Heat oil in a pan. Place marinated steak in and cook till done.
add onion rings 2 the steak and cook 4 5min. Steam butternut seperately with salt and butter.
when done add it 2 steak and leave on low heat. Don't stir when u place butternut. Add pepper pwd on top. Garnish wid dhania. And serve. Divine wid garlic bread or roti. 

Tip: Remember the aminas spice has salt. So don't add salt.taste b4 serving. If u require more u can add fine salt.