Friday, July 24, 2015

Chicken Calzones

A very versatile dish, served as either a light meal or as a savoury.  This recipe has received a lot of attention and was kindly shared on by Ayesha Twam.

Chicken Calzones ( kindly shared by Ayesha Twam)

1kg chicken fillet 
1 tsp ginger garlic,
1tsp chillie powder,
1tsp tumeric, 
1tsp blck pepper,
1tsp garam masala n 
1tsp daniya powder.
mix n keep aside.
braise 1 onion then drop in chicken mixture drop in 1 cup mix veg when almost dry 
add some smash(potato mash) and any sauce of ur choice (I used Nandos),
*I used basic pizza dough 
roll into rounds fill n shape like half moon.
when done brush egg, sprinkle parsley n cheese on top 
ENJOY!!!(Ayesha Twam)