Monday, November 14, 2016

Malaysian Soup

Soup is the perfect starter or main meal option anytime of the year, but most frequently enjoyed during colder days.  Tasneem Ganie kindly shared this recipe of a chicken soup, that is most famously found on a major catering company's menu-list. Give it try, and we look forward to your feedback in comments.

Malaysian Soup
(kindly shared by Tasneem Ganie- Watalotwegot)

3 chicken fillets strıped
11/2 full tsp aromat
1 tsp ground green chillies 

1tsp ground garlıc paste
1/4 tsp arad
1/2 tsp fine dhana
1 tsp fine jeeroo
1/2 tsp white pepper

Cook above in ghee until chicken cooked .

Then add 1 /2 tin creamstyle sweetcorn
Bltz thıs tıll smooth then add to chıcken

1pkt white onion soup
1pkt cream of chıcken
1pkt cream of mushroom
2 big spoons of nespray powder
Dılute ın 1 lıtre + 700 mls of water and mıx well.

One double thıck fresh cream
(Or normal cream)
Bring to the boil.
Then use blender stıck and blıtz lıghtly to shred chıcken.
Add fınely chopped Dhanıa

Serve wıth garlıc bread
Recipe credit : Tasneem Ganie
Pic credit:Tasneem Ganie
Nb: Aromat is the key ingredient plse do not leave out. Stick to the liquid quantity as this is not a thin soup .the consistency is thickish. Those who have eaten it will understand.

Glossary :
Arad = Turmeric powder
Fine Dhana = Coriander Powder
Jeero = cumin
Nespray powder = Milk Powder
Dhania = fresh coriander
Aromat = Salty Flavour Enhancing Seasoning