Tuesday, August 2, 2016


What are Samoosa 'Pur' some may wonder... well these are Thin strips of pre-baked sheets, almost springroll sheet like, that are used for making samoosa.

Many of us South African Indians, have grown up with our elders making these Pur, and a lot of us like Bibi Ayesha Kadwa, have even mastered this technique.  So we were just chatting not long ago, and found there was a need to ' educate' the younger generation, not that Bibi Ayesha and I are that old now😜.  This is our attempt to help ladies, and some men tooπŸ˜‹, realise that this once dreaded chore, is a lot more easier, and all thanks to technology that helps us make this so much more possible.

Today, we at Watalotwegot proudly present one of the very 1st DIY SAMOOSA PUR making techniques. The Step by Step Pictures in collage form is there as a guideline for you when you are practising this age old technique.  With just 9 Steps to follow, you won't be opting for store bought Pur again. 
We urge you to keep trying your hand at this, with the written step by step format, that relates to the picture collage below, helping guide you along.  If you feel this amount is a bit too much for you, try making half the batch. 

We look forward to all your feedback, and please feel free to share this post with as many of your family and friends.

SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU BIBI AYESHA for your pictures, techniques and time, to help put this post together πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

DIY - Samoosa Pur by Bibi Ayesha Kadwa (Watalotwegot)

TO make the Pur Dough

You will need:
6 cups Flour.
A dash of vinegar
1 and half teaspoon salt and
+/- 3 Cups tap water to make a pliable dough..not soft.

Now follow these next steps with accordance to numbers as they appear in picture collage above.

Step 1. 
When dough is made, divide the dough into 30 to 33 smaller dough balls.

Step 2.
Roll 10 - 11 of these small balls into small disc shapes, and smear each disc with ghee/oil mix and sprinkle with flour.
☆[ For Smearing:- Use a mix of 1 and half cup ghee, heat slightly then mix in Half cup oil]

Step 3 and 4.
Stack these 10 - 11 discs on top of each other, always spreading ghee/oil mix on all sides, except the last one on top, which would not have oil spread on it at this stage. You are now ready to roll out this 1st stack of discs.
☆[ You will repeat this steps another 2 times as above to finish the amount of small dough balls]

Step 5. 
Keep rolling out the stacked discs to form a large thin 'roughly rectangular' shape.

Step 6.
Oil your baking sheet well, and The large rolled out stacked dough, should fit into your oven baking sheet, trim off ends to make it fit perfectly into the baking sheet. Now spread more of the ghee/oil mix onto the top sheet of rolled dough.

Step 7. 
Bake this at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes rotating the tray halfway through baking. When it puffs up, remove from oven.

Step 8. 
Place the baked Large Rectangular Pur onto a clean cloth, and gently open up (separate) the layers of Pur, this is best done by separating one half side then the next. Lay out all the seperated Pur onto one other, and cut out strips down the shorter side of the large rectangle.

Step 9.
Your Samoosa Pur are all ready now, keep wrapped in a damp cloth or store well until you are ready to use with your favourite fillings.