Monday, December 15, 2014

Mutton and Veg Stew

We are so blessed to have among our awesome Lovelies, some truely marvelous Women, who have spent many years, labouring away in their kitchens, with Love Of Course, that we can now benefit from them in many aspects of life, most ever willing to part with their family recipes. This post features a Recipe by Aunty Rashida Akoonjee , who took the time to write out her recipe and share on with us.

Thank You Aunty Rashida
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Mutton n Veg Stew (Rashida Akoonjee)

500g mutton cube and wash 
2 tsp ginger garlic
2 tsp salt 
2 tsp crushed chillies
2 tsp chillie powder 
2 tsp dhana jeeroo 
3 tomatoes liquidized 
4 Tbls tomatoe puree 
Lemon juice 
1/2 cup maas 

-Mix all together in meat n set aside 
-Green beans Double Beans Carrots peas baby cabbage n some gudra cut carrots n beans wash all veg
-In a flat pot add some oil n ghee slice 1 big onion lil jeeroo n 3 pcs taj wen it turns pink in color add marinated meat braise well 5 to 10min add veg on top but do nt mix leave on low heat to cook 
-Cut cabbage into halfs n steep in boiling salted water on stove fr 5 min drain out water take care not to break up cabbage cut n fry potatoes leave aside 
-Now check from side of pot to see if meat n veg are cooked, heat must be slow n don't add water
-when meat is cooked layer the potatoes n cabbage on top let it cook on low till moisture is evaporated
-top with a few green chillies 

Personal Notes
"It's hard to give accurate measurements cause I'm so used to using ā„³įµ§ own judgement guess I'm from da old school of cooking "-(Aunty Rashida)

                  **   Glossary**
*Dhana (Dhania)/(Coriander)
*Jeeroo (Cumin)
*Maas (fermented milk product)/ Curd - may be substituted with Plain Youghrt.
*"Gudra/Gadra Beans ( Borlotti beans)