Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Green Masala

Yet another awesome share. A Recipe shared by Aunty Zarina, teaching us younger ladies, how to go about preparing Green Masala. This can be used in various dishes that need Green Chillies, Or Red Chillies. This type of Masala is almost always found in an Indian/Muslim Home stored away in containers, in the deep freezers. JUST LIKE GRANNY USED TOO😊

💕SPECIAL THANKS To you Aunty Zee💕

Green Masala (Zarina Assan)

Take 2 cup green chillies and 
1 cup galic 
~grind in food processor .
~when nicely ground, put in Ά̲̣ dish 
~add 2 tablespoon oil 
~1tablespoon salt..
~2 tablespoon vinegar..
Now freezer ready.
*optional- can add Tumeric powder when grinding.
** Use in Samoosa Mince and Kabaabs (Zarina Assan)