Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yellow Moong Daal

This Easy and Yummy dish was prepared by Razia Kathri, who kindly shared on the recipe she used.
An Indian Vegetarian Dish that teams up well with a Piping Hot Roti.

Shukran for sharing this on with us Razia💕

Peeli Moong Daal (Yellow Moong Daal)
-Moong daal washed and
-in a pot put oil...when a bit
hot, add whole jeera, small pieces of garlic, green chili cut and curry leaves
-now add cubed onions. .
sauté for a while..till translucent.
-add a bit of hing powder
-now add your Moong daal sauté with salt to taste.
~now add haldi(tumeric and dhana jeeru powder(coriander/cumin powder) and a bit of garam masala powder..cook a bit
-add cubed tomatoes..cook more..then add enough water for daal to cook through...

* *my husband like it a bit burnt..meaning must touch at the bottom..it has that crunch daal..it's devine. .